Our proposals for our towns and villages

Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party

March 2012 Local Council Elections

Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party will field 10 candidates for the local council elections in March.

These are Ralph Cassar (Attard); Yvonne Arqueros Ebejer (St Julians); Simon Galea (St Pauls Bay); Solange Sant Fournier (Swieqi); Leonard Schembri (Gzira); Michael Bajada (Munxar); Henrik Piski (Qormi); Robert Callus (Mosta); Andre’ Vella (Balzan); and Michael Briguglio (Sliema).

The Alternattiva Demokratika local councillor promises to cooperate and work with residents and local associations to:

1.       promote cultural events, strengthen local identity and foster a sense of community;

2.       promote sports, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle;

3.       defend open spaces and combat overdevelopment;

4.       upkeep public gardens and insist on modern and safe play equipment for children and teenagers;

5.       improve accessibility and mobility for persons with disability, elderly citizens, children and parents of very young children;

6.       improve streets and pavements and insist on good workmanship; 

7.       plant more local species of trees in public spaces to mitigate the effects of traffic;

8.       provide bicycle racks near major bus stops, town centres, squares and gardens;

9.       work on a mobility plan for the locality with short -, mid- and long-term targets;

10.    introduce a low speed limit for residential streets similar to that introduced in villages, towns and cities in Europe, making these roads pedestrian, child and bicycle friendly;

11.   work towards the target of a public library and town hall in every locality;

12.   monitor and promote recycling banks and insist on proper management of these sites with a zero-tolerance approach towards people who misuse them and undermine the community’s recycling efforts;

13.   promote the recycling of different objects such as textiles and clothes;

14.   promote and convince the council to invest in energy efficient lighting for gardens, streets and council property;

15.   promote green jobs;

16.   employ a youth and community worker when possible;

17.   promote a sense of solidarity and community amongst residents;

18.   facilitate access to state services for the vulnerable and people at risk of poverty;

19.   promote good neighbourliness between residents and the commercial community;

20.   ask for a role for the local council in decisions on trading licenses and operating conditions for commercial establishments in the community.

Vote 1  Alternattiva Demokratika. www.alternattiva.org.mt

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  • Jocelynejolb56  On February 25, 2012 at 3:10 pm

    Point 19 : in France, once a year we have what we call “Party for the neighbours”. The city council offers its help so that people living ine the same area can share a meal together. The council opens the public gardens for the evening, in parts, we can even close a street for that evening, and helps with organising (printing posters, invitations, offering balloons, and giving us a bag for recycling (!) . Each neighbour brings something to eat and drink and we all share, dance to music, sing together.

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