Local Councils should truly belong to residents – AD

In a press conference in Attard, Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party said that its candidates are emphasising that local councils should truly belong to residents. AD said that voting green is the best way to ensure that residents’ rights are voiced in local councils.

Michael Briguglio, AD Chairperson and Sliema Local Council candidate said: “This 10th March, I invite those with goodwill to vote for local councils which truly belong to residents. Not for councils that are controlled by big developers’ lobbies that are destroying our councils. Not for councils that are characterised with partisan bickering and personal feuds. But for councils that look ahead and give priority to the resident’s quality of life.”

“Alternattiva Demokratika’s policy goes beyond the PNPL partisan divide, and AD councillors always work so that the resident’s rights come first and foremost. For councils which truly belong to residents, one can choose with courage and a sense of optimism Alternattiva Demokratika’s councillors. I urge voters to continue voting other candidates which truly want to work for their locality.”

“As Chairperson of Alternattiva Demokratika, and as a Sliema local council candidate I wish to thank the other AD candidates who chose to get down to work: Ralph Cassar (Attard); Yvonne Arqueros Ebejer (St. Julian’s); Simon Galea (St. Paul’s Bay); Solange Sant Fournier (Swieqi); Leonard Schembri (Gzira); Michael A. Bajada (Munxar); Henrik Piski (Qormi); Robert Callus (Mosta); Andre’ Vella (Hal Balzan); and Michael Briguglio (Sliema).”

Ralph Cassar, AD Secretary General and Attard local council candidate said: “For years AD always worked in favour of residents. It spoke about all unsustainable development around Malta and Gozo; including the disastrous Governmental decision in 2006 of increasing building zones and height limitations in places such as Attard, Swieqi, Sliema, Gzira and Balzan. AD made various proposals on the need of open spaces even in zones such as St. Paul’s Bay and about the need for environmental protection and resident facilities in Gozo such as Munxar. Over the years AD councillors worked to defend open spaces from development, worked to start introducing pedestrian facilities for bicycle users and made pressure to halt unsustainable development. AD councillors give due importance to community facilities such as libraries, cultural and sport activities and emphasise the importance for safer roads for the use of the whole community.”

Carmel Cacopardo, AD spokesperson on sustainable development and Home Affairs, said: “AD is presenting candidates who deserve a vote because through their work they will give a definition to practical policies which seek to better the resident’s quality of life. In every locality AD candidates will uphold environmental policies which should be an integral part of local councils. The global environmental impact can be mitigated if we work on a local level. As we are mitigating the environmental impact we are improving the residents’ quality of life in the process. Think Global, act Local.”

“That is why AD is adopting policies in favour of alternative energy in public facilities, gardens, roads and Council offices. That is why Alternattiva Demokratika councillors give importance to environmental criteria in the process of green public procurement.”

“The candidates being presented by AD give priority to sustainable mobility. They encourage the use of public transport which has to be used and developed in order to offer an alternative to private car use. The local councils can give a contribution to the improvement of air quality on a local level through an efficient public transport service on a regional level so the number of cars on the street is diminished. All this leads to the roads being given back to the residents and to remove the excessive dangers for those who those who make use of bicycles for short and long trips.”

“The candidates being presented by AD see an important role for local councils in the implementation of climate change strategies. In particular AD insists that local councils are more actively involved in policies that mitigate the problem of flooding.”

“AD is the only party that is conscious of the sustainable development impact caused by the building industry which brought about 70,000 empty residential properties around Malta and Gozo. These empty properties are leaving a negative impact on the local communities because these are requiring them to dedicate a part of their finances for services in the zones where there are empty properties. These empty properties in Malta are equivalent to nine times the size of Birkirkara, which means that the expenses that go for roads infrastructure, lighting, pavements and sewage and any other general infrastructure would be much more useful if used for areas without empty properties.”

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